How To Give Her Unbearable Orgasms?

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to give her unbearable orgasms? This is always the question in many men's mind when it comes to lovemaking. To give your lover an unbearable orgasm, one thing that you must do is to stimulate her g-spot.

G-spot is a very sensitive area in a woman's vagina that is sensitive to pressure. It can be found at the front wall of her vagina and when it is stimulated with the right force, it will cause her to experience very satisfying orgasm.

Before you can stimulate the g-spot, you need to know exactly where it is. Cut your finger nails before you insert your fingers into her so as to prevent yourself from cutting her. To locate her g-spot, insert one or two fingers into her vagina with your palm facing upwards. As you slide your fingers into her, remember to ask her how she feels and ask her to guide you along to locate the g-spot.

Once your fingers are inside her, use them to make a "come here"
movement, touching the front wall of her vagina. Take some time to apply pressure to that area and have her to tell you once you have hit the right spot. During this process, do not use too much pressure as it may cause her uncomfortable pain.

Once she tells you that you have hit the right spot, you need to apply consistent pressure onto it. Do take note that a woman's g-spot reacts to pressure, not touches. Therefore, if you want her to experience g-spot orgasms, you need to apply the right pressure for her to feel it. While you are applying pressure on her g-spot, you can use the other hand and stimulate her clitoris. This will add more arousal to her which will make her reach orgasms faster.

When you find that she has fully reached her arousal from your finger g-spot stimulation, you can now move on to intercourse.
During sexual intercourse, there are positions which give more stimulation to her g-spot. Positions such as doggy and raised missionary are 2 great positions to give extra stimulation to the g-spot.

Therefore, spend time to explore the various lovemaking positions with your partner and find out which are the positions that can give her the most satisfying g-spot stimulation.

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