How To Give Her Unbearable Orgasms?

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to give her unbearable orgasms? This is always the question in many men's mind when it comes to lovemaking. To give your lover an unbearable orgasm, one thing that you must do is to stimulate her g-spot.

G-spot is a very sensitive area in a woman's vagina that is sensitive to pressure. It can be found at the front wall of her vagina and when it is stimulated with the right force, it will cause her to experience very satisfying orgasm.

Before you can stimulate the g-spot, you need to know exactly where it is. Cut your finger nails before you insert your fingers into her so as to prevent yourself from cutting her. To locate her g-spot, insert one or two fingers into her vagina with your palm facing upwards. As you slide your fingers into her, remember to ask her how she feels and ask her to guide you along to locate the g-spot.

Once your fingers are inside her, use them to make a "come here"
movement, touching the front wall of her vagina. Take some time to apply pressure to that area and have her to tell you once you have hit the right spot. During this process, do not use too much pressure as it may cause her uncomfortable pain.

Once she tells you that you have hit the right spot, you need to apply consistent pressure onto it. Do take note that a woman's g-spot reacts to pressure, not touches. Therefore, if you want her to experience g-spot orgasms, you need to apply the right pressure for her to feel it. While you are applying pressure on her g-spot, you can use the other hand and stimulate her clitoris. This will add more arousal to her which will make her reach orgasms faster.

When you find that she has fully reached her arousal from your finger g-spot stimulation, you can now move on to intercourse.
During sexual intercourse, there are positions which give more stimulation to her g-spot. Positions such as doggy and raised missionary are 2 great positions to give extra stimulation to the g-spot.

Therefore, spend time to explore the various lovemaking positions with your partner and find out which are the positions that can give her the most satisfying g-spot stimulation.


Want To Have Better Sex Life?

According to researches, both men and women who have consistent exercise regimes will have a better sex life. By exercising regularly, you can perform better when you are making love with your partner.

For men who exercise regularly, your body will be healthier and this will contribute to a good healthy erection and reduction of the risks for impotency. Why it is that exercise can give you a much healthier and firmer erection? It is because it actually increases the blood circulation in your body where your penis will receive enough blood.

With regular exercise, both men and women will be able to maintain a slimmer and toner body shapes. These will help boost the confidence and ego of yours, and therefore be able to attract the opposite party more effectively.

For a person who exercises regularly, he or she will be able to maintain his or her breathing pace much better than those who do not exercise at all. This will help a lot when you make love with your lover. When you are able to control your breathing and last longer in bed, you will stand a higher chance to please and satisfy your lover.

Some of the exercises that you can do are brisk walking, jogging and swimming. Try to create a timetable whereby you at least spend 3 days every week to exercise. For each exercise session, make it at least 45 minutes long.

With regular exercising, you will be able to have a healthy body, as well as to enjoy a more healthier sex life. You can also boost your self-esteem, ego, confidence and reduce stress as well. It is definitely a triple wins for you.


Important Sexual Activities During Foreplay

By doing the right foreplay activities, you will be able to bring a more desirable and anticipated sex later on with your lover. The duration for doing all these foreplay activities will typically last at least for 15 minutes. If you want to have a great sex with your lover, you need to love to enjoy foreplay.

So what are the 4 most important activities during foreplay, that you can't miss out on any one of them if you want to have a good foreplay? Let me just list them out for you:

Good foreplay always starts with clothes on. Being by kissing and caressing your lover and set the mood for sex. When you feel that the mood is right, slowly undress each other.
Undressing increases the feeling of anticipation and will make the both of you crave for more sex later on.

Women love kissing, as it shows an act of love and desire during sex. Do not restrict yourself to kiss only the mouth and genital area. Take your time to explore every part of her body as women enjoy kissing on her erogenous parts like the neck, shoulder, spine and breasts.

Do this activity with passion and enthusiasm. Recall back the times when the both of you just dated and petted at the stairways, living room, etc. The key here is to make it as erotic as possible as this will strongly arouse the both of you.

It should be reciprocal here, whereby the both of you giving orals to one another. There are cases whereby one of the parties is not comfortable with oral, and therefore it is important not to force your lover to do it if he or she does not want to.

These are the 4 basic elements during foreplay. Remember to prolong your foreplay with more kissing, cuddling and caressing. Make sure that you communicate to your lover during foreplay so as to understand what is required to be improved. Practice makes perfect.


To Use or Not To Use Condom During Sex?

There are numerous contraceptive methods that are available where you and your partner can use, from pills to injections to condoms.
When condoms are used correctly, they can be very effective in preventing any unwanted pregnancy.

But a lot of people are still not using condom when they are having sex. So the question that ponders us to think is "To use or not to use?"

Personally I believe that using a condom can often be the easiest and the least expensive method of contraception. And using condoms can have important health benefits as well. We need to be responsible to our partner, and therefore we should not risk getting her pregnant if we are not ready to take up the responsibility. I am sure using condom is not that hard after all, so there should be no excuse that you should find it troublesome at all.

When compared to other contraceptive methods, condom usually has the upper hand. Here are the top 8 reasons to use condoms rather than alternative contraceptive methods:

1. You can get condom very easily. Pharmacies and convenient stalls usually sell them.

2. There is no medical side effect after one has used a condom.

3. Condom can easily prevent pregnancy when compared with other contraceptive methods.

4. Condoms are a necessity for busy people in modern society.

5. Condoms are easy to use. No professional help is required.

6. Condoms are neat and tidy.

7. Your partner will not need to take any contraceptive pill that will impact her entire body and alters her natural processes.

8. Condoms can actually enhance the sexual experience because they are available in many sizes, shapes, textures, and flavors.

Many people have come to realize that only condoms can offer a significant barrier to infection and STDs. Therefore, do use a condom while you are having a fun night out with your partner.


The One Position That Can Give You The Most Pleasurable Night

What is one Kama Sutra Position that will allow you to see your lover face to face, chest to chest, and will be able to kiss, caress and embrace freely? This Kama Sutra Position is what I call "The Pounding Congress".

This position starts with the man sitting at the edge of the bed and calling upon his lover to approach him. The woman will now sit on his thighs, with her legs wrapping around the man's back.

At this moment, the man will then penetrate her, and uses his arms to caress her breasts, waist and her back. This position gives the most intimacy to you and your lover, and allows them to kiss, fondle and pet throughout the sexual experience.

When the man is penetrating her, he should continue to kiss and fondle her body. He can also place his hands on her waist to guide her in the thrusting movement. This position will give the man a very deep penetration and allows the woman to feel longer and more satisfying orgasms.

After the man has ejaculated, he should not just leave the position right away. Continue to caress, kiss and embrace each other as there are still a lot of feelings and emotions to be enjoyed at this stage of the sexual act.

Talk to your lover and look into his or her eyes to increase the intimacy and love of your relationship with one another. Once both of you is ready to separate, remember to do it slowly so as not to spoil the wonderful intimate atmosphere. And last but not least, this position is also good for a quickie in the office too.


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